About Me

I’m Kevin Lipe, a Memphis-based product strategist, project manager, technologist, writer, and (occasionally) musician.

I work on software projects at a Fortune 100 corporation, and I really love the work that my team does to build better customer experiences and tools.

Previously, I was Director of Product Strategy for The Daily Memphian, working to make a custom Azure tech stack and our editorial strategy work together to create a new sustainable model for local journalism.

You may know me from my writing; I used to cover the Memphis Grizzlies for the Memphis Flyer and for Grizzly Bear Blues before that. I’ve published other stuff, fiction and non-fiction, in places like Memphis magazine, The Classical, and Storychord.


I don’t really have much of a social media presence anymore, thanks mostly to Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism. Sorry to disappoint.

  • Dad Moon Rising is where I make stuff with my friend Ed Arnold.
  • System Stack Research is a new blog-type thing where I’m posting some very nerdy stuff about computers and productivity and whatever else.